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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PST

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seek our program with the mo a and that includes the south beach as a special facility and once that is done the agreement will in the be effective until the approval bodies have approved and the ocii commission and the oversight board we'll need a currents e concurrence we'll transfer it will not become effective until we transfer the loans and the subsidized agreement letter is done so we have the maintenance the $300000 for the park security with that, i'm here as is mr. morales and levenson and mr. brown to answer any of your questions.
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>> thank you any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners commissioner ho. >> yes first of all i want to commend this is a great report it must have been about a and a half maybe it started it caused quite i guess an uproar among the attended as far as the changes we had to go through a lot of changes first of all congratulations to the staff from monique on down to elaine who all worked on it be we're pleased to see we're operating in the black and after debt payment we'll have the capital available to work on some of the permanent requirement i guess i had a kwouch of questions one i see the gap beyond the $12 million and $6 million i
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guess it's a question of whether that k can be phased with the money our that projecting i guess after one of the major loans are paid off you still will have the boating loans i don't know if you've done the analysis to see if that matches up 7, 8, 9 wise with the application of the $5 million. >> it's a great thing that the bond are repaid the same time as the year starting the permit goothsz are required so we have then surplus revenue of one million dollars we can fund against or the new cal boating loans it didn't pay for all the decimal we have a gallop and staffs plan to address that plan is 3 fold one to ask cal loan to
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reduce the interest rate but it's a 50-year term we would like to cut that down and reduce the 5 hundred we're paying in debt 0 service and the second plan is to potentially reduce the requirement of the permanent obligations of $7.2 million and from public access on pier 40 there's better use for the boaters and get more public assess so we're hoping to significantly one reduce the operating of the loan expends and reduce the obligation. >> that may mean we won't be spending $17 million some other number. >> less but $17 million by with better access or the other
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option to increasing the revenue the boaters are still below market they were excellent to discuss the rate increase but going flo below the mandating was a lot over the 3 years the building rates are below market there are leases you know that are not at grander at pier 40 we want to change that and some changes to parking management which we think would generate more revenue we believe that we could take loans out migrants to put more capital in the harbor. >> your protocol the projection with no other change. >> that's right just c pi. >> one other questions we ordinary a lot from the slip owners or the slip renter not
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owners they think of themselves as owners how much turnover have we experienced is this the same group we're dealing with or some turnover in terms of - >> i'm going to turn it over to peter daily i'll say that on the waiting list is doing an excellent renovation so abort that or waiting for slips feel more optimistic they'll get a slip we called out the names that are no longer interested in the harbor that's still demand for the harbor. >> that part i don't double but i think when we have someone new coming in what's the policy in terms of what represent they pay. >> commissioners good afternoon and congratulations there has been some turnover but
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we had a waiting list of over 6 hundred people the waiting list has gone down mainly because we're educating a fee but there's strongest demand for the harbor we will at some point revisit the ratings situation at the beach harbor pursuant to other beach facility in the bay are the berth holders are crotch and they have an organization that represented their interests they understand the viability of the harbor this is something we're going to review and for the marina for the larger boats. >> the question is obviously when someone is paying the
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existing rent they'll pay a cip increase but something closer to market are we think about pricing policy in relationship instead of having everyone going to the same rate at the same time do you understand my question. >> we phased the two percent increase over two years it went smoolth that's the next evolution off our analysis a two tiered system for berth holders that have people coming in they've haven't been there for an that extended period of time but we'll come back and report back to you it's a good idea.
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>> yes. please come back and report on it. >> my questions were on commissioner ho you gusts an excellent report and overview i don't have further questions. >> okay. >> thank you for a wonderful report and i know that prior inform the oversight agency the the other agencies has been trying to report for years you guys have begun a great job where it's manageable of the 16 leases do we have liability on the other leases besides the bonds as far as maintenance of the building and like - >> so the leases are overwhelmingly on month to month except for one that is under 65
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year term leases there's no liability we have an agreement with the mayor's office of housing of housing to make sure the affordability is taking care of the work order agreement we will have new liability we own the cupid stand and we'll own that and need to insure it and provide for its maintenance good news is we'll have an ongoing agreement for payment of cupid said person but reiskin con park will be a liability and there's a 10 year agreement with the gap for skirt of rincon park of $300,000 we'll get to offset that obligation but going forward it is outdoors on the positive side the sub tenants
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paid the agency more than our rent payments so there's a positive delta and we think that will more than cover the costs not more but cover the cost of the park maintenance and security. >> so the beach club no liability there. >> not that i'm aware of ships clerk was our lease so it was resigned back but not that i'm aware of by any obligation of the yacht club. >> are they responsible for the maintenance of the building or do we take on that liability. >> commissioner the building that the southeast beach yacht club is new i think that without knowing i believe the port if this is agreed will have the
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maintenance responsibility but the interior fixtures turdz and facilities will be the responsibility of the yubt yabt club. >> all the rest of the leases are smaller leases. >> smaller ones are in pier 40 yes. they were and related to the yacht club i know the district requested a lease extension is it is the benefit of the interpretation it's the port that will move that lease to reflect the terms of other leases in the port commission their policy related to leases. >> help me understand the primary lease versus the sub lease. >> there are 17 leases we entered into with the agency with and there's an attachment to the report that color codes
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all the various leases some of them like 9 accepting leased and the agency has a sub lease the yacht club and the shipped clerk angel other leanings leases that don't have things like the easements and so that's why there are many more leases essentially than tenants the 13 tenants are as i said will be our direct tenants and not agency tenants like the primary lease is 2050 and the sub lease is. >> we are we not to terminate early it's on a month to month term. >> thank you. >> i just wanted to make sure
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my comments are not taefrmg taken out the context we're snefl to the slip holders when we came out in mass to tell us of the difficult of a major increase over a short term and we got a good compromise we slowed down the rate of increase and that was to recognize the shock of change for some of the long term slip holder we were sensitive to their concerns again my comment when you have is someone new and a big waiting list they certainly have a choice to decide whether or not they take the slip we give them an opportunity to decide if it makes sense to them this is i think not necessarily we're not trying to indulge paw be realistic with the market and given the capital needs which were segregating we need to do
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something to make that financially viable for us going forward as well as giving the slip renter a clear notice of what the expectation will be as far as the rates. >> thank you for clarifying percentage that's an excellent suggestion and voters will be probably amenable to. >> commissioner adams. >> good report but can you or peter answer a question about the ground assigned the lease back to the port maybe i missed that one. >> the lease was originally the ports lease in the early 80s i actually don't have looking at the details when we entered into the relationship con plan that plan was in 1987 we assigned to
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the agency all of those attended were going to be agency tenants we're going to sign that lease back to the port. >> thank you. i appreciate that i thank you for a great report. >> as commissioner ho it was a eloquent solution to spread out the rent increases to the berth there just two questions one i know there's an issue regarding the parking and it so you would that's been resolved but i want to say to all of our staff we've been getting some really appreciable comments of the work being done at the harbor what started out as a difficult address voraciously point it is good so i want to thank everyone for your effort.
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>> i think the parking has obedience resolved the parking situations in 2012 the voters were provided two parking spaces as part of their bertha right we thought that was extensive and the agreement they'll continue to have one spates with their bertha spates but the second one will be $600 i think there's room to increase that fee and room to look at that first space and consider pricing that there's a long-standing feeling that parking meetings needs to be part of the slip rates that's consistent with other marinas especially around parkland but not so on other marinas in urban aerpz area parking is separate and charged intended a continued conversation it certainly a place where there's a lot of
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revenue opportunity but it is about the ability to access the harbor easily and the harbor was there before the giant ball park and some of the voters really want to maintain the ability to drive up and load up and not worry about the parking ability and it's huge around the giant ball park. >> maybe we can explorer as new bertha tenants come in we may want to look at another fee. >> most of the questions i have were answered on the cal boating loans i assume it's a relatively low trick or treat and 94 no way to drive that down to save funding. >> possibly it's a relatively low trick or treat 4.500 percent
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but there's lower rates in today's extinguishing economy it is a 50-year term and the agency at this time they wanted to reduce the ongoing payment and f this was a successful strategy but the principle is similar to the loan monuments cal boating we've been talking with them and because of the disilluminate i don't know if we can get down to zero but we can reduce the rate below .5 percent and request an approval of the ford contractor to provide the professional services for an integer preparedness program to re
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requality terms needing $249,000. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm effort i'm the contracts administrator with the finance division joined by the deputy director of the homicide it is the precipitations in the event of a catastrophic disaster they are using a federal grant to develop and implement an emergency training program the item before you is a request for approval for a pre-qualify list of 4 contractors to provide professional services for an emergency precipitation to award 0 contract duo to one of the
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firms tech tech not to exceed 2 hundred and 45 thousand dollars properly trained staff was a critical component and the port has an assistance team and team members are volunteers that serve at the ports operation center the objective to train thirty to 50 individuals kcmo the team members and senior staff port staff with the response operations as well as select staff from other city agencies program developed by the contractor will be customized for the port and provide monthly trainings with scenarios tailored to each branch of management that includes the planning and
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logistics and command staff the trainings will culminate in a full scale for approximately one hundred port staff that has an earthquake scenario with a spill component with an exercise in june the contractor will be responsible for analyzing the finding and identifying the gapdz and lessons and incorporate the findings into the master improvement plan by way of background the funding for the project is objected through 80 a fema granite in 2013 the port provided matching fund for the 2014-2015 operating budget they improved the budget it was followed by the package of a accept and spend package
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from the board of supervisors in april of last year the authorization to advertiser those were grant by port commission in august an rfp position was which one rather than an rfp process to give the port more flexibility and certification requirements koeshd or associated with the grant fund the r f q was given and 2 firms that failed to meet the qualification were cal from chicago a 3 member evaluation panel met to score the 5 proposals the scores at or below 70 points were deemed prequalified it shows the final
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ranging of proposers this is from u con new york was the sole firm that failed to meet the 70 they recalled their tech technical from pasadena and a.m. anaheim and lou water out the nevada and wiping from washing implementing the local enterprise big intaukt golden's can only be applied on local projects additionally per the fema code of regulations grant loans objected for the purposes of this exempt from the golf sdaujd business program, however, we did outreach to the 5 l.b. qualified for the
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emergency and none of that applied the staff selected the tech to technically for their prior experience as i mentioned they're in pasadena with a local officials in oakland they've been in business 45 years and have currently engaged in an emergency contract with the utilities commission their project team are experiences coaches that include richard who was appointed by the president obama and all the references gave excellent reviews we look forward to working with them i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. and sidney the director of homeland security is here we respectfully ask our approval the resolution.
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>> so moved. >> second. >> second and public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners. >> questions. >> thank you for a for a wonderful report. >> yeah. i'd like to hear from sidney. >> good afternoon ceda new samson from the homeland security. >> can you gives do you feel comfortable how you see this going we live in a fragile world but any comments as the director recorded. >> thank you for kg asking we're creating a program that will train the port staff with specialized tyrone training to the port and also a class for all the classes for system training it trains people in the
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framework of how to respond this is the one a capstone course a resident course the others on line for the port staff and also training on how people will work within the port and combining it with really two of our highest probability an earthquake this is defendant stating to the region also an oil spill not devastating to the real estate but very much to the waterside it's an important program. >> i'd like to understand what do we have in existence today since we're embarking on the training to understand what is now and different going forward with the program. >> certainly has most of us agree our people at the port are
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our most important asset we have a large percentage of the people that are trained in the response this is to tie it together bringing people to the port working in pier one and out on the port and it will be testing and training to a higher level than in the past in addition to port staff at that they've be participating we're inviting other staff from federal stating san francisco, california and doing it on our own turf. >> the second question once we've brought in an outside contractor how t is this program sustained. >> we'll take the materials that the contractor provide and continue to use that any hope with the constant management team as we become for proficient
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in how to do the response we'll feel comfortable in providing the ongoing training to ourselves so to continue forward. >> any last question goes beyond the scope but how are the city's precipitation in such an attack. >> not within this program but yes within the city and another other port staff that can speak to it we talk on a regular basis. >> maybe a future agenda item i'll suggest we might 7, 8, 9 to understand that that's on the board room agenda of every board staff what's the security. >> confirmation i can speak to
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it i sincerely building we'll be presenting a presentation there's a robust group of city officials spearheaded by the chief of police but including representatives from many federal and state agencies that work on an ongoing basis that's been ongoing for several years part of that but not the lead. >> i understand we want to understand there's a plan. >> there's - we are working on it and to the extent that a plan can stay statistic by security. >> exactly there is a concerted effort that includes the major security providers and includes a lot of providers outside of the city and government but
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effect city life and related to that question whether the port or the city is contemplating insurance. >> that is i did not know i'll find out. >> i'm not sure if this is for you sidney. >> are redoing my joint exercise with any other departments in the city. >> this could be considered a joint experience although we're inviting people to the port we never respond alone in my of the event you probably knows at the waterfront the coast guard still has the prospective response are the agencies and within the city we work together with all of


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